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Assist with making your home look its best for potential buyers.

The idea is to show architectural features of the home, and let your buyers picture themselves living there.

We start with a consultation of how to get started, and offer options from curb appeal, inside the house and even the back yard. 

Once there is a plan in place, we come back to execute. It may take  a full day or a few hours.

The statistics are there: 62% of homes that are staged, decrease the time it spends on the market, with maximum returns.

Help merchants create eye catching displays from the front of the store to the back.

We can help with making older merchandise look new again, putting out new product and any seasonal help your business may need.

Update your home with existing furniture and accessories to give your rooms a fresh look.

We can help with:

paint colors, carpets, furniture placement and even shopping lists for our client to find things on their own time. Anything we can do to update and further enhance your home.

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